“Emme’s Classic Island Moments”
‘The Fabulous 50’s, The Way it Was’
Airdate: April 4th at 6pm on KFVE - Your Home!




This week on “Emme’s Classic Island Moments” we take a walk down memory lane, looking at Hawaii in the 50’s – a time when two cans of tuna cost $0.89 and a loaf of bread cost $0.25. In this episode, which aired in 1998, we go back in time to days of carefree innocence and see how much Hawaii has changed since then.

Emme visits her old neighborhood, Kakaako, once a quiet waterfront neighborhood to what is now a flourishing business district. She is joined by an old friend and former neighbor Brickwood Galuteria, now a State Senator. They recall the many memories of the old industrial camp, long before it became the home of the John A. Burns School of Medicine.

We also feature legendary island musician Aunty Genoa Keawe, who also lived in Kakaako. As a tribute to the legend of Hawaiian Music and the great works of nearly seven decades of entertainment, we look back on Aunty Genoa’s early musical beginnings.

Also, Emme took a sneak peak at the Children’s Discovery Center located across the Kakaako Waterfront Park and explored the many hands-on interactive exhibits that this educational environment has to offer for both children and adults alike. Today, the center has undergone an expansion with a newly painted exterior. In 2005, then Sentaor Barack Obama, along with his daughters, were among the many guests who visited the center daily.

In that same year, 1998, concert promoter and entrepreneur Tom Moffatt hosted a grand event dance party - The Class of ‘58 High School Reunion. About two dozen schools throughout the state gathered to celebrate at the Neal Blaisdell Center. The ’58 alumni included: Governor Benjamin Cayetano, Bank of Hawaii’s former President Larry Johnson, Chief Justice Ron Moon and former Athletic Director Hugh Yoshida.

Reminisce with Emme as she talks with special guests about these classic island moments, remembering the good ‘ol days and a simpler time even before Hawaii became a state.

Tune into “Emme’s Classic Island Moments” on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 from 6:00-7:00pm on KFVE – Your Home (Channel 5)!

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