Stephanie Castillo
So beautiful, so well done…talked to family and friends who saw it and everyone agrees it really was a spectacular piece of work.

Carolann Biederman
Congratulations on completing this important saga. Looking forward to seeing it and saluting those whose history it highlights.

Brandon Yamashita, Retail Account Executive
Honolulu Star Bulletin/MidWeek & Hawaii's Military Newspapers
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your show! I feel like I learned so much about Hawaii's Filipino history! Thank you!

E. Jason Ebora
I thought it was touching and true to my roots! It offered hope of the young Filipino future. I for one made it beyond the country life, going from Wahiawa to a prestigious mainland university...The University of Notre Dame. I got a sense of how far my family went from my paternal grandparents' Kahuku sugar mill life, to my father's high-tech journeyman job as a welder at Pearl Harbor to my own move up the ladder which I still continue to climb!

Nancy Bernal
Congratulations on doing a great job on the documentary. We watched both nights and thought it was very well done and very interesting...Both segments were edited so well. All your hard work was evident!

Linda Dela Cruz
Excellent job on your precious life project for the centennial.

Maria Mendoza
I just wanted to congratulate you and your team for a beautifully done documentary. I can imagine how difficult it must have been to sift through all that material then process tons of information spanning 100 years. Your dedication and perseverance shone through this brilliant documentary. You've made all of us so very proud of your efforts. A pleasant surprise was seeing my Dad in one of the group pictures. It brought tears but also wonderful memories. Again, I know Tata Tomimbang is beaming with pride at little girl who continues to shine. Way to go, Emme!

George Irion
Congratulations on another excellent production and very important message to get out to the community. What an array of great historical photosand footage expertly woven together.

Jack Legal
Great Show! It certainly brought back some good memories not only about the trip but also about the countryside in the Philippines. When you talked about Sequijor – not having electricity and supply of running water, it reminded me of my first parish in Masbate. I did not know if my bishop tried to punish me- after living and enjoying the American life- or it was a test of my faith. But it certainly was an example of "culture shock" or "reverse culture shock". It took me a while to readjust. Life was so simple. Most of the parishioners did not have much- but they were happy. I was only going to stay one year – but I ended up staying three years. I just enjoyed working with people. The parish has 25 barrios that I had to visit at least once a year [fiesta, mass, baptism, wedding, funeral, etc.]- My mode of transportation was my God-given feet, motorcycle, motorized banca, water buffalo [carabao] and occasionally a horse. It was really lots of fun – a real ministry. Anyway I had such good experience back in that parish. And your documentary brought back some unforgettable memories for me. I have more to share next time. I'm sure you got some positive feedback from others.

Romel Dela Cruz
Emme, enjoyed very much your Mabuhay With Aloha production. So much so that I have been inspired to visit Ilocos Norte (first two weeks of September) where I was born and last visited in 1969. I will be accompanied by my sakada father who is 94 and my two Hawaii born sons who will be visiting our home province for the first time. This will be a trip of lifetime for 3 male generations of my family. We will  be visiting with a brother of my dad who is 96 years who is also a sakada.  Would be fantastic if you could join us for the trip to chronicle our reunion? Thanks again for the memories. We plan to show your production to our relatives and friends.