EMME Inc.: Awards and Credits

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 Awards and Credits
•1984 KITV Iris Award: “Island Life with Emme Tomimbang”
•1987 State & Mental Health Award: “Hawaii’s Street People—Down and Out”
•1992 Filipino Community Award for coverage and fundraising for the Filipino community near Mount Pinatubo, International Relief Work
•1994 Kahili Award/Hawaii Visitors Bureau Broadcast Media EMME INC. “Keep it Hawaii”
•1997 Telly Award Finalist: “Memories of Hawaii 5-0”
•1997 Appreciation Award from the Fil-Am Courier
•1999 Certificate of Merit from the Hawaii Visitors Convention Bureau
•2000 Hawaii Women Lawyers President’s Award
•2001 Retail Merchants of Hawaii 2001 Newcomer of the Year Award: “Island Moments by Emme” clothing line
•2002 Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Radio/TV News Reporting and Video Production
•2002 District 49 Toastmasters Communication & Leadership Award
•2003 Filipino Woman of the Year Award from the Filipino Women’s Civic Club
•2004 Filipina’s Magazine Achievement Awards in Communications
•2005 Named one of Ten Most Fascinating Women of Filipino ancestry across the country by Filipinas Magazine
•2005 Kulia I Ka Nu‘u Award (Attaining a High Level of Achievement) by the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation
•2009 Telly Award in the political commentary segment
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