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About Emme Tomimbang

Veteran Broadcaster
Emme Tomimbang is a veteran broadcaster in radio and television, with over 35 years of experience in media. A proud graduate of Farrington High School, she went on to Leeward Community College to obtain her Liberal Arts Degree and attended University of Hawaii at Manoa for her Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education. Emme began her broadcasting career at KISA radio, and moved on to television at KITV 4 as a news reporter and news anchor. She then went on to KHON 2 doing “Island Style” features and anchoring the morning news. Her shows have aired on NBC, CBS, and are currently on the FOX Network.

President of EMME, Inc.
Fifteen years ago, Emme launched her own video and production company, Emme Tomimbang Multi-Media Enterprises Inc. or simply, EMME, Inc.

Lifestyle Portraits, Health Shows to Inflight Videos
Emme’s one-hour television magazine series “Emme’s Island Moments” features island people and aspects of island life on KHON 2. She is host and executive producer of her show. Segments of “Emme’s Island Moments” have been seen on in-flight programming on Hawaiian Airlines and Continental Airlines. In 2003, Emme had a weekly health and wellness show, “Emme’s Island Living,” which covered a wide variety of topics spanning from diabetes and high blood pressure to dyslexia and interior design. She also had a weekly Saturday afternoon series on KGMB “Emme and Friends” which played for two summers.

2005 marked EMME, Inc.’s 10th Anniversary, and Emme celebrated with six episodes of “Emme’s Island Moments” (including a 90-minute special) and an “Island to Island Moments” Concert Series.

2009 marked EMME, Inc.’s 15th Anniversary and Emme celebrated with six specials which included bringing back the John A. Burns documentary on DVD, The Queen’s Medical Center 150th Anniversary special and a variety of “Island Moments Revisited” segments.

Historical Hawaii Filipino Documentary
Emme was also appointed by the Hawaii Filipino Centennial Commission to produce a two hour documentary on the Hawaii Filipino Centennial.

“Mabuhay with Aloha—The Hawaii Filipino Experience 1906-2006,” aired on KHON 2 Hawaii’s FOX affiliate in primetime over a two night period:
       Part I - June 28, 2006 9-10pm & Part II-June 29, 2006 9-10pm

The documentary also played at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival in October 2006, the Director’s Cut version on PBS October 2007, and has had numerous screenings throughout the island state. It recently was part of a teacher workshop series sponsored by the Smithsonian. In 2009, the documentary played in Manila and Cebu . Emme was a guest speaker at the University of San Carlos in Cebu and is now being asked to return for more educational lectures on Hawaii Filipinos.

In 2009, Emme won a Telly Award in the political commentary segment, for her piece on Barack Obama, then a Presidential Candidate in 2008.

Tomimbang traveled to the Philippines in December 2006 for the Pamana Ng Pilipina Award from the Office of the President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at Malacanan Palace.

Her past awards include a 2006 Public School Graduate Award, a 2004 Filipina’s Magazine National Communications Award, 2003 Hawaii Filipino Woman of the Year, 2002 Toastmasters Media Award, and her special on 9/11 “Hawaii To New York: The Aloha Spirit Lives,” was selected to be part of the Hawaii International Film Festival. In 2000, she received the Hawaii Women Lawyers President’s Award, a 1997 Telly Award, and a 1984 KITV Iris Award.

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