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In addition to producing “Emme’s Island Moments,” EMME, Inc. is a multi-faceted company which provides video and production services for broadcast, non-broadcast, and film documentary projects as well as corporate employee training videos. Additional services include: marketing, public relations and direct mail.

Emme Tomimbang is available for public speaking and as a guest host for special activities. She has served as producer and host of the Honolulu Marathon, Aloha Week Parade, and Merrie Monarch Festival, and was active in fundraising and special engagements for Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Adult Friends for Youth, Historic Hawaii Foundation and the Filipino Chamber of Commerce.

To inquire about our services, please contact EMME, Inc. at (808) 947-6677, fax (808) 947-6684, or via email at emmeinc@hawaii.rr.com.

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