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“HAWAII FIVE-O REVISITED” (aired May 2012)

Hi Emme,
Just a quick note to congratulate you on tonight's show about the new 5-0. For me, your show was actually far more interesting than the new 5-0 itself! Your interviews as always were crisp and I learned lots I'd never known before.
Thanks, Emme. You're the best!
MacKinnon Simpson

Aloha Emme, Trudy and Joanne,
My name's Jason, the head blogger from the Hawaii Five-0 Undercover website (50undercover.com). I watched the show last night with great interest, as it was a great balance between the old series with the reboot, and paid tribute to James MacArthur and Rose Freeman. I still watch the old show from time to time because I like to see the Hawaii I remember as a kid...when Ala Moana was only 2 stories, and what old Kaimuki and Kapahulu neighborhood looked like 30 years ago.
Jason, Officer 808

Emme, I saw your show Sat. night and it was fun reminiscing of the old Hawaii 5-0...it was so nice to see you on the air again! Thank you for sharing it with us...
Vicky Ramil

Emme's Island moments. Aloha from HI. Just finished watching Emme's show on 5-0. It was very well done & I think a number of you would enjoy having a copy once it's available (had no way to record it myself). Nice tribute to Len & Rose & JMac. Lots of respect for Jack and the orig. cast & great clips from Jimmy Borges & Al Harrington interviews.
SC 5-0
From: L.

Dearest emme,
Just want to say how very impressed I am with tonight's "Island Moments" ~ The show was beautifully mounted and photographed - seamless in its content and storyline. You did yourself proud, as well as all of us who have been a part of the "Hawaii Five-0" series, [classic and new]...
Thank you for allowing us to contribute...Ilene and I are very appreciative!
Aloha my friend, Marc Baxley

LOVED the show, you looked great and had to brush away a tear during the credit roll...it was so nice and memorable to hear that song again at the close of your show.
Love you Emme, and thx you for all you have done for me.
Barry Flanagan

Again thank you for all your aloha, support and hard work. It was very well done and moving. It touched a lot of people and was very special. Best to all and take care.
Dennis Chun

Dear Emme,
  Great show – loved it – you did a superb job – great honor and homage to Hawaii Five-0 – original and reboot – loved it. It is wonderful to have that archive piece so that we never forget those who came before us with the vision, creativity and determination.
  How are you doing? Understand from one of the columnists that you were in the hospital? Trust you are doing okay – Jim, too.
  Please do take care – my love to you and Jim.
Judy Murata

“KA`ILILA`AU’S CANOE – A JOURNEY OF SPIRIT” (aired November 2010)

This program is the best one Emme has produced, over many years of featuring Island Moments. It had a true Hawaiian spirit to it and presented our culture and values with great pride and humility. Thanks for seeing to it that the story of Ka'ilila'au will live forever.
State Senator Clayton H.W. Hee

Aloha mai e, Emme! I just finished watching your Christmas special. I smiled, laughed, sighed, cried. (The) Celebration of life for their lost child, as the namesake canoe launched, ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Mahalo nui for a wonderful show.
Me ka aloha, Rika Smith

Hi Emme,
I was on Maui last week and over the weekend and saw your show.  What an interesting story!  
Fran Schall, Vice President of VISA USA

The show was fabulous. I enjoyed the show…congratulations!!!
Barbara Yamashita, DOH

Kaililaau’s Canoe – what a masterpiece.
Senator Brickwood Galuteria

Aloha e Emme,
Charlie and I watched "Ka`ilila`au's Canoe" last night and were very touched by your telling of this wonderful story in such a heartfelt way. The strands of the story were woven together so well: Ka`ilila`au's family's desire to honor their lost son and his dream, and the Ka`anapali Hotel folks' desire to be a part of that effort through building the canoe he dreamed of and learning much more of Hawaiian cultural ways in the process. Congratulations on a very well done project!
A hui hou, Haunani and Charlie  

Dear Emme,
We would like to know if we could purchase the DVD or CD on Ka'ilila'au's Canoe. As always, we enjoyed your heart wrenching story.  But this one even more because we knew Leimaile (the mom). Our kids grew up with her. Both of our children presently lives in California and we would like to share this heart wrenching, but, beautiful story with them. 
Mahalo, Penny Okubo :)

Thank you for making this piece. This touched my heart deeply. Beautiful!
Mahalo, Raquel Saldana

mahalo for telling this amazing story! aloha to the staff of the ka'anapali beach hotel and the lindsay ohana for sharing this adventure with us. rest in love, kailila'au.
kiwidiva youtube.com

Aloha Emme,
First I would like to tell you that this was one of your ALL TIME BEST SHOWS. I was so sad to find out we had missed it on Thanksgiving evening. KA'ILIA'AU'S CANOE would have been such a wonderful show to watch with the entire family. It did not show as one of your Island Moments, so we did not know it was one of your shows. If I had known the impact of this program I would have had the entire family tune in. I caught the show on Sat Nov 27th not knowing it was your Island Moments & by the time I realized it, once again it was too late to call all the ohana to tune in. I wish they would once again air the show for all who missed it.  
Aloha & Happy Holidays, Sandy Kaihenui

I liked that show on the canoe… Very heart touching story.
Devin Statts

Great show. My daughter was glued to the television because on a field trip to Bishop Museum she learned a little about the canoe. Thanks for the education and storytelling.
Donard Sonoda, 808 Video Productions

Happy Thanksgiving, Emme! Enjoyed "A Journey of Spirit" --- a truly heartwarming program.
Cheryl R Osumi

Once again a great special you have done there Emme and it was nice seeing my cousin interviewed on the show a few times, Wesley Chinen. When in Maui we always stay at KBH!!
Aj McWhorter

Emme's show about Kaililaau's Canoe was great, very emotional! Also, we know why the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is SO popular, they have obviously made a HUGE commitment to learn about and share our Aloha Spirit.
Aloha, Mike Buck, "The Mike Buck Show"

I found it so amazing that he had picked the tree himself not knowing his fate...and his family, they really know what the meaning of love is...I envy their way of life.
Bret Jahnke

Congratulations Emme! This is absolutely your best work to date! The reasons I say this are as follows:
  1. The "promotion" of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel was clearly secondary to the story of the of the canoe and Lindsey family. The noticeable absence or minimization of "crass promotion" that always seems to permeate productions of this nature elevates not only you as a Producer but gives greater credibility to the "cast" of this beautiful story. This production clearly demonstrates the power that video can bring to tell stories of people and situations that normally have little or no access to "mainstream" media. As far as I am conerned this beats Hawaii Five 0 hands down.
  2. The Ka'anapali Ohana reflects the true diversity of our peoples here in Hawaii. I was especially touched by the love and spirit of all our peoples; whether they originated here in Hawaii or from anywhere else in the world.
Mahalo for including statements from a couple of the hotel's guests. Their statements reflected that the Aloha they felt in your production was real, and not the commercialized brand that is typical of many of Hawaii's resorts. The statements of Hawaiians and Hawaiians in spirit that we need to expand our knowledge (in many areas) to create and preserve strong and loving families resonated within me as I think about what we need to do to help families (like ours for example) who are not able to provide safe passage to the keikis; due mainly to ignorance and the inability to love unconditionally.
  3. The portrayal of the Lindsey family, especially the children was heartwarming. In some ways it brought back some memories of my own childhood experiences. What a great pair of parents are Papa and Mama Lindsey!
  4. And the canoe, what a beautiful design and a work or art. May it be maintained and preserved for all future generations, to continue to motivate and energize those that follow after us to do what they can to make a better
world for all diverse peoples.
  Hope you had a good Xmas and may your New Year be a successful one. Stay well, and say Hi to Jim and Rufus!
Al Nakatani, Maui

THE QUEEN'S MEDICAL CENTER: 150 YEARS OF MOMENTS (rebroadcasted July 2010)

  The documentary was so very well done, Emme...you always do a wonderful job of such documentaries.
I worked at QMC for 25 years. I am an RN and have a Master's Degree (UH 1968) in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. For most of my years at QMC I was administratively responsible for the in-patient psychiatric unit. I retired in 1997 at age 66 and am very proud of my years at Queen's.
  I was so pleased with the documentary you did for QMC.
Jean Grippin

Hi Emme,
Watched your tribute to Queens last night and it was WONDERFUL! Great work. The history was really well done, the interviews were excellent, just an all-around good piece. Emme deserves an Emmy!
MacKinnon Simpson


Hi Emme,
Last evening's show was so much fun! I remember watching it when it aired the first time. It sure made me miss Honolulu and all the great grinds!
Aloha, Stephen Waldmann

Thank you for the memories!  My parents watched it and had tears.  My sister & I watched it together while on the phone.  She lives on the Big Island.
Emily Lau, Key Account Manager, Southern Wine & Spirits of Hawaii, Coastal Wines & Spirits Division

Another great show – loved it!  Hope all is well.
Hugs, Judy Murata

Aloha Emme,
I just finished watching Emme's Classic Island Moments with the four Chef's going to their favorite "mom and pop" restaurants in 1998.  It was wonderful to see it again.
A fan, Diane Romero

Nice show last night! Really, really special. One of your best. KFVE should be so proud to have you on their roster!
Lynne T. Waters, Lynne Waters Communications

Aloha Emme,
  I'm truly grateful that you re-ran this Five-0 tribute. Although a friend had sent me a VCR tape not long after it aired 14 years ago, and although your show was also included as part of the Season One DVD release (which I have, of course), it was profoundly meaningful to watch it again tonight.
  For me, one of the main significances -- apart from listening very closely to what each of the performers and others associated with the series said back then -- was a very deep appreciation for the opportunities I had to meet and speak at length with many of them directly or folks who spoke on their behalf.  The interviews I did for the fan club's Central Dispatch newsletter back in the first part of the 2000's, are, I believe, still "out there" online.  But they'll always be with me. Yes, it is definitely sad in many ways, to be reminded that almost all the actors have now departed this planet. Yet I truly feel that, as cliche-ish as it may sound, what they contributed to this benchmark epic which ran for an amazing dozen original years and is still re-broadcast, is indeed unique and will live on for a very long time.
Mahalo nui loa, Jerry Pickard

LOVED it!! Great job!
Judy Murata

Hello, just wanted to tell you that I saw your show Sunday night...it was very nostalgic seeing all those entertainers that are no longer with us.  It was very touching ....You looked great! 
Vicky Glauberman

Hi Emme!
Enjoyed your show on KFVE tonight. Keep up the good work!
Kay Bustillos
p.s. Good for you to have a home at KFVE!!

I did catch show. You guys are awesome!
Mahalo, Rich Miano, Associate Head Coach, UH Warrior Football

  You never cease to amaze me! You took a topic I thought would only endear you to jocks and prove
how versatile you are and made it so social-minded and sensitive.
  It was really nice when you took the flowers to the ex player's grave.
Faye Kennedy

Hi Emme,
  I saw your show. It was great! Thank you for including me in there. Wonderful video of mom. Had me in tears.
  I had a lot of great compliments on your show and your production and editing was great. Your a pro and nice to work with.
Mahalo, Nohelani Cypriano

Emme’s Classic Island Moments – It’s a wonderful place “to go” in this helter-skelter world we’re living in.
Jimmy Borges

Saw Emme's Classic Moments; enjoying them; esp. since you can see Hawaii's past.
Judy Osato

It was a great memory to see mom again. There were many people that watched who enjoyed it very much. I got a few responses on Facebook!
Regards, Eric K. Keawe

Hi Emme,
Pat wouldn't let me rest until I told you how much he loved your show and the long piece with Auntie Genoa... We adjusted our whole dinner plans so we could watch. I confess I was a little confused at times cuz you looked so young and cute with your new hairstyle (and makeup?} I wasn't always sure what was old and what was new. You've told me how much younger I look than my true age but I've really got to return the compliment! Keep up the good work.
Hugs, Faye Kennedy

Dear Emme:
I have been lucky. I have been able to see several Emme's Classic Island Moments shows. It is so nice to see not only classic (old) shows but really timeless stories that you are sharing again. Beautiful story telling, awesome videography and well edited. For several years you have been doing your Christmas shows inserted songs from previous years, and it works. Now you are showing your stories from years past and I have enjoyed every show I have seen. Mahalo for returning stories from years past, again the stories you are telling is very much so timeless.
Mahalo, Donard R. Sonoda, 808 Video Productions

Aloha Emme,
I watched your program last Sunday and it brought back wonderful memories of Auntie Genoa and the Lobby Bar with all the friends that used to come and see us. Such a blast from the past. Thanks for the memories. I hope mom and dad were watching.
Mahalo, Alan Akaka

Hi Emme,
  I had received so many nice comments by friends and workers that viewed the recent “Millenium Women” special recently. Thanks for that super added exposure.
  Thank you so much again, hope to see you soon.
Aloha, Patricia Tam, Vice President, Halekulani Corporation

“It was really great to see Emme’s show last night, revisiting the charm and allure of San Francisco, the city by the Bay. Our heritage lives on within the city limits of San Francisco and I felt so honored to see so many of our local residents making a good name for themselves, and ultimately….. proudly representing their home state. It is because of Emme’s desires, willingness and deep roots of her heritage that she shares with all, the beauty of our “Aloha State”! Thanks Emme and I look forward to many more in the coming weeks.”
Mahalo, Kalani Nakoa, Director of Sales & Marketing, Kaanapali Beach Hotel

Aloha Emme,
We watched your excellent "On the Road to San Francisco" segment this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it, brought back wonderful memories as I was one of those who traveled with you then. Was it in 1994 or 1995?
Mahalo, Loretta Seina
P.S. We never miss your T.V. shows. Glad you started them again! (of course now on a different T.V. station).

Recently saw subject program for first time in many years and wanted to tell you that it brought back lots of wonderful memories. What a great trip!
With much aloha, Diane Farkas

Aloha Emme. We carefully arrange our schedules to be sure and watch your Sunday programs. They bring back many warm and wonderful moments no longer a part of our lives and greatly missed. Thank you for the work you do. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person someday soon.
With warm personal aloha and mahalo.
Gladys Coelho Baisa, Councilmember, Maui County Council

Good morning Emme-
  Last night's show was so fun - and Jimmy did a very nice job with you! I have to say, it was lovely to see Loyal. I think I told you I met her once, and that she was one of the sweetest people, so it was nice to watch and be reminded of that beautiful energy. Of course it's always nice to see Don Ho as well, but Loyal has a special place in my heart.
  I also wanted you to know that your show was on the BIG television at Big City Diner in Kailua last night. Let's hear it for the hometown support!
Aloha - Maile Alau, Alau Consulting

Hi Emme…What a lovely show of smiles-and-tears…So many of my buddies are gone. This show gave them life again. Thank you for that, Emme. It’s always so much fun working with you. Already got one nice response to seeing the show…
Hugs… Jimmy

aloha emme,
a friend of mine told me to turn to channel 5, and there was my papa...don ho...i was wondering how i might be able to get a copy of the clip or even a few...it'd mean a lot to my family...so awesome to be able to see him...hoku...at that moment in time...
mahalo nui, bianca foster

HI Emme, thank you again for including me in this production. It's an interesting situation to have been in a place where so many want to go and be able to share some insight and memories. Having a dad who played at that level helped me prepare and hopefully I can share somethings that might help someone else. Also congratulations to you and all the success you've had in your many project's. Once you're well known the pressure to keep achieving is ongoing and along with that, we expect you to represent all of us in everything you do and not make any mistakes. You've done so beautifully and I'm always impressed with the way you handle everything, thank you Emme for being you and having that aloha spirit in your heart, it shows.
Kale Ane, Associate Athletic Director, Punahou School

Hi Emme,
Saw your past 2 shows...great job on the updates! And congrats on your weekly show, now you're able to reshow your old shows in your archive with updates like you wanted to.
Hope all is well,
Alan Tamai (Former Production Manager for EMME Inc.)

Hi Emme,
Loved the show last week and really loved the program last evening!
Thank you for keeping Hawaii informed about our special friends and talented performers.
Aloha, Stephen Waldman

Hi Emme-
Was Great!
Raynette Kaspar, President/Owner All Star Travel, Inc.

Hi Emme, 
How you've been... I watched your show last sunday and it  brought back some memories, We saw Hapa last month at the GCA event at Royal Hawn hotel, both look older and yet their music is beautiful and very soothing to listen, both artist are so talented in their own way. Also with Jason Lee we enjoyed his movies as well. You look stunning and beautiful as always. I look forward for your next show. And I can't wait to get together again. Stay healthy and keep smiling.
Aloha, Espie D Badua, LUTCF

"This is very entertaining and how special it is to go back and visit again with people who are so special to our islands. Another chance to just enjoy these "moments".  Thanks Emme.
Linda Brock, PBS

  It’s with joy that I email you and congratulate you for your debut on KFive last night. Your show brought tears to my eyes as I watched Rell Sunn who died of cancer and to have shown what a positive human being she was-- to her first love of surfing on the Leeward coast and giving unconditionally of herself to the community. It was like seeing her yesterday, but her message to all even as she has past on bring us closer from our hustle and bustle to smell the "roses" as we reflect our destiny. Life is very short, until we are faced with manyof life's "challenges".
Your reflection on the duo from HAPA, willing to make a concession on their past relationship to do a reunion concert together with Barry, was uplifting.
  Again, life is too short to worry about everything, but we need to live our life to the fullest.
  Emme you look great last night, seems time has preserve the Filipino beauty as time moves on.
  Great Job!!!
Mahalo nui loa, Rep. Michael Magaoay, Vice Speaker

Dearest Emme,
Warmest congratulations on your latest partnership success with KFVE! What a great progam series.
Take care and all the best,
Aloha, Patricia Tam, Vice President, Halekulani Corporation

Congratulations Emme; thanks for sending my way.
Break a leg!
Melvin Sakurai, First Insurance Company of Hawaii

Emme:  the flyer is beautiful!  Nice that this is all happening---Best Wishes at your new “home”.  I look forward to tuning in.
Barbara Yamashita, Hawaii Department of Health

Aloha, Sistah Emme,
Congratulations on your new partnership! I look forward to seeing your show on a regular basis.
Louise Ing, Alston Hund Floyd & Ing

It should be fun for everyone to revisit old programs and friends.
Rozita Villanueva, Las Vegas

yo emme.... hope this all works good 4 u......!! nice job with the pr.. as usual....rc
Roy Cameron, The Queen’s Medical Center

Aloha Emme,
Congratulations! We will look forward to viewing all your shows!
Malama 'oe,
Owana Salazar, Singer, Slack Key & Steel Guitarist, Hawaiian Culture Consultant, Hawaii Realtor Associate

Wish I could tune in in Houston!
Rick Linnehan, Astronaut, NASA < Houston

Ana Jones, KHON2

Hi Emme,
  Loved watching your show on Sunday and what a nice feature of you in Midweek. You are a true Classic and we're all blessed by your talent.
  Look forward to keeping in touch. Let me know when you hear back from the guys re: the Battle of the Bands.
Aloha, Corliss Ota, Executive Secretary, Territorial Savings Bank

Aloha Emme-
I truly enjoyed the show tonight!! It was so fun to take that walk back, and it really got me excited for the next show. I can't wait for my next trip down Emme's memory lane! Mahalo for letting me be part of it!
Lots of aloha - Maile Alau

Enjoyed watching your special, especially when the other channels didn’t offer anything else worth while to see.
Eva Santos, Kailua resident


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