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Viewer Comments - 2009


Aloha Emme,
  Mahalo, for providing the opportunity for the women of Kealaula to participate in your special. I am still speechless and in awe at the whole experience. The women are still on an emotional high from their experience. I really, really appreciate you, your staff and guests in the positive and warming manner of which they treated the woman. They were overwhelmed. The best comment I heard from the women when we were returning to Kailua was " they treated us like normal people, not once did we feel like inmates".
  I look forward to partnering with you again on a project that can benefit the transformation of the women of WCCC!!!
  You are a blessing.
Mark K Patterson, Warden, Women's Community Correctional Center

Hi Emme,
  I'm at a loss for words regarding the taping of your Christmas show. Wow! Just doesn't cut it.
  First of all, I felt privileged to be included in such an exclusive group. Mahalo nui loa for inviting me.
  Secondly, as I took it all in, I was amazed (though not really surprised) to witness your skill and savvy in producing such an event. Surely this was more than "just" a regular Island Moments show with interviews in a quiet, controlled set. This was a three-ring circus -- entertainers coming and going, food and champagne, all with an audience on hand. And, there you were as the calm and centered ring-master. And, who knew you were so funny! You were truly masterful to keep everyone entertained during the down-times and rehearsal times and throughout. 
  Perhaps the strongest impression I had was of the love and aloha that was in the room. Such high energy not just from the people on stage, but the people in the audience ... ALL of whom love you so much! It was wonderful also to see how much you give to so many people -- the invitation to the Women's Correction halau was a beautiful thing. I saw many tears of joy coming from them.
Aloha Love, Neil Tepper

Hi Dear Emme,
  Thanks sooo much for including me in such a fabulous, unforgettable holiday TREAT! Trudy and all your ohana were so warm and welcoming and you and Jim are still acting like honeymooners. Still waiting for your book! As for all your STARS, I've never seen such an assemblage up close and personal in one venue.
  Willie K was probably heard miles away - so incredible and down to earth too. And Little Albert has so much soul, he took my breath away. And I could look at John Cruz all day and night. Thanks also for the great lunch. You really know how to throw a party. I feel so privileged to have made it to your "Emme inner circle".
Love and special holiday hugs, Faye Kennedy

  Very impressed with your production and I'm sure it will be your best Christmas special ever.
  Thanks again for letting me be a part of today's event --
Aloha and Happy Holidays, Jeff Nicolay

Aloha Emme,
  They are still talking about their experience on Emme's Christmas Special ... and they are grateful for the positive experience and exposure! Thank you again for having them on your show! I can assist in anyway for the next project, so give me a holler!
  I was honored to be invited to witness a very beautiful "making" of a Christams Special. Along with the Warden I want to thank you for making our women feel very special. Thank you again for the opportunity and may our hevenly father bless you with another 15 years.
  Mahalo, Vicky Followell, Hina Mauka

FOOD, WINE AND AN ISLAND MOMENT IN D.C. (aired October 2009)

Emme. . .
  I taped your Island Moments and I FINALLY had the chance to see the show. I think it may be the best one yet! The pieces on Roy, Alan and Chuck were outstanding. I learned so much more about their fascinating lives and you’ve been documenting them for a long time. The Obama segment was truly an award-winning endeavor. It had everything; humor, history, pathos and you connected all to his and our home. Simply said, IT IS A GREAT SHOW!!!!! I just loved it. Thanks for making it happen…Congratulations on another WINNER…
Aloha kakou…Jimmy

Hi Emme-
  I was very impressed with the food and wine portion of the show because I never knew you were such a connosieur Spelling? Altho I spent a lot of time in Europe ,incl uding Paris, I've never been a wine drinker but think its fabulous to be well informed as you obviously are.So apart from watching that adorable Roy T; I was totally impressed with your Obama segment and that fabulous Maya..Congrats on being such a multilayered class act!
Hugs, Faye

  I enjoyed to show….great work on Chuck, Roy and Alan. And thanks for allowing us to promote the Gingerbread Festival and the spot on Chefs Du Jour in the Alan piece. Mahalo for your thoughtfulness.
John Howell, Easter Seals Hawai’i

Hi Emme & Joanne,
  Great show! Thanks for the top billing. Very cool. Big Mahalos. I liked the fun stuff during the credits in addition to everything else.
Thanks again, Tom Gillen, President, EagleVisions Video Corp.

Good Morning Ms Emme,
  The show was very touching and amazing, I have tears in my eyes watching your interviews with the chefs history. Alan Wong’s story was awesome. You look stunning and beautiful. It’s so nice to see the progress of everyone on the show. It's well put together. Congratulations for your great work and thank you for sharing your passion and story.
Espie D Badua, LUTCF

Emme's moments was memorable! I didn't want to miss a second.
Emily Lau, Key Account Development Manager, Coastal Wine & Spirits, Southern Wine & Spirits

Great show last night, Joanne!
Cheryle Gomez, Manager, Vino


Hi Emme,
  Thank you so much for your excellent work of art on The Queens Medical Ctr. Anniversary show. I am honored to be a part of a very memorable documentary. It was beautiful and very touching and it shows how Queen’s employees have the heart to serve. A lot of my friends have already called and complemented the interview, by the way.
  Again, thank you and let’s celebrate when Amy gets back.
  Have a great weekend, God Bless you and your family.  
Espie D. Badua, LUTCF

Aloha Emme,
  Enjoyed your program last night and wanted to say thank you very much once again for keeping mama in your thoughts and projects. I enjoyed the brief segment very much because it said a whole lot of mother's comfort and care that she received at QMC.  I didn't realize the full service that they give from women care, cancer care; most thoughtful is the Navigator Care that is given to our off island people no matter where they come from. Ginger Hart was the Nurse Supervisor who kept the communication lines open with us. Thank you once again for sharing our mother’s story at QMC.
Regards, Eric K. Keawe

Hi Emme -
  I'm barely out of bed but had to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your show was last night. I don't want to seem superficial, but I was really struck by the gorgeous photography and the music. Since you're always so flawless and professional in your delivery, I've come to expect that.
  The story and interviewees were obviously very interesting but I'd be surprised if you didn't garner another national award because of the beautiful music and settings you chose, as well as the content.
  I know you called me a "cheerleader, but I'm the world's most critical, judgmental person of whatever anyone does, including myself, so it would be hard for me to fake it.
Hugs, Faye Kennedy

Well done! Enjoyed your show on The Queen's Medical Center very much. Marcus Reimel, my niece’s husband who works in the video department at Queen's, mentioned that working with you was fun.
Hope that you and your husband are doing OK.
Aloha, Grace Wilson

Hi Emme... I've have heard nothing but good things about the show today.........
Thanks again, Roy Cameron, QMC

Dear Emme:
  Thank you so much for alerting us to your program on Queen's that Bernice & I thoroughly enjoyed.  It was "inspiring and informative" indeed. (She is a former Queen's nurse and my sister is a one-time Queen's intern. A son and grandson were born there and I've been a patient.) Our best to Jim.
Edward Greaney

Hi Emme,
  I watched your show and enjoyed it very much; especially the end with the JAMSOM medical students.  They are the future of Queens Medical Center!
Aloha, Tina Semenza

Aloha Emme,
  I thought that program turned out really, really well, by the way. Beautifully done. Thanks for all the work you and your company put into it. 
  Best wishes on your next endeavors!
Andrew Laurence 

  I was looking forward to the Island Moments special all week as I have long had a fondness for Queen’s. Your special was every good as I hoped it would be with great historical research and a nice tie in to the present.
  It was wonderful how you portrayed the people that make up the institution, both patients and employees. Mahalo for a wonderful presentation!
Libby Char, MD

Loved the special on QMC!
Aiko Kaholoaa, Big Island

I will not miss it. BTW your last show was A KNOCK-OUT!!!
MAHALO, Doc Shay

Kudo's to you for an informative, well written and focused show. Your summation that it's the people that make the institution was on the spot. Thanks for the show.


Dearest Emme -
  I just watched your 15th anniversary show...It was heartwarming, fun and full of love - aloha style!!
  Thank you so so much for bringing so much joy to your viewer's appreciative hearts - certainly mine.
With love, Jeannette Paulsen Henriko

Aloha Emme,
  Another great job, no one captures that true Hawaiian feeling like you do. So much Aloha, you are the best...Mahalo for allowing us to be a part of your Island Moments,
Steve Knight, Expeditions-Lanai Ferry

  Your Island Moments last night truly was special. Especially the segment on Rell Sunn.
  Thank you for reminding me as I don’t often watch TV (except for news or Oprah). It was probably the most enjoyable TV program I have watched this year.
  I look forward to the next one,

Hi Emme,
  Just want you to know that I really enjoyed your show, ONCE AGAIN! You never disappoint, Emme- just a natural. You know how to keep things interesting, AND entertaining. Loved your singing "Let's Hear It For the Boys". So cute. But you can also bring out some very serious and touching stories. I actually watched it twice because there were distractions when I was watching it on Thursday, so I watched it again on Saturday, before I went to work.
Love, Ginny

Hi Emme –
  The show was just great. Thanks so much for including Maui Memorial Medical Center in the Willie K segment. The pieces were all very moving, especially Rell's story. Thanks for preserving these wonderful stories with all their rich history...you do tremendous job!
Aloha, Carol Clark, Maui Memorial Hospital

You are fabulous and left us in tears. Great show. Much Mahalo.
Very truly yours,
Carl Strickland, Founder & Director, Point Foundation

  Thank you for including me in your e-mail to remind us to watch your 15th anniversary program. Just saw it and it was a very good entertaining program. It was nice for me to see some of the old clips that we were a part of way back when. Keep up the great work......lani

YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!! What a show! You outdid yourself…again. It “flowed and glowed” from beginning to end. Willy and Tia’s version of Iva’s song was a perfect ending. Thanks for the shortest hour of television ever!
Congratulations, Emme…
Jimmy Borges

Hi Emme-
  Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your show was last nite. and once again congratulate you on all the great publicity. Rell was so beautiful and the film project sounds grerat. Dean was so fun and Willie K's Nessun Dorma blew me away as it did at the inagural ball.WOW! Hugs, Faye-----

  Thanks for letting us know about Emme's program on KHON last night. We enjoyed watching it. The Rell Sunn segment is the only one we had seen before. Emme really has the right touch to tell an island story with feeling.
A hui hou, Haunani

Hi Emme--
  I thought your last Island Moments was fantastic, but Guido & I watched your Thursday night Island Moments and thought that was just as fantastic.
  Sorry I didn't email you yesterday but I have been busy with the closing for the Hotel St. office condo which closes on Monday.
See you soon, Raynette

  It was hard to hold back tears watching the interview with Rell. Even more so for my wife, who paddled canoe with her. Watching that unmistakeable fluid surfing-style brought back memories. Back then we use to say Rell's style was "classic". She embodied the word grace, not only in her surfing but in life.
  Another moment was watching and listening to Willie and Tia sing together. They really need to cut a CD together and I'm sure I was not the only one thinking that.
Wahiawa Boy

My Dearest Emme,
  I did watch your Emme Island Moments revisited yesterday. "Congratulations!" You always do a GREAT JOB! Keep up the wonderful energy and commitment in making Hawaii Ohana be recognized in the work they do.
  Thank you, Emme.
Much aloha, Rose

Hi, Emme,
  "Classy" is the word that came immediately and continually as I watched your show last night. Your presence (even your dress), your presentation, the tone of the show -- was simply elegant. In addition to the content of each story, the rhythm and pacing was wonderful. Congrats to your editing and editor.
  As for the content, I loved how it went from the passion of Pritchard to the emotion of Rell to the sincerity (and beauty) of Tia to the charged talent, energy and honesty of Willie K.
  Thanks for the feast for ears, eyes, mind and heart.
Love, Neil Tepper

Aloha Emme,
  Your most recent Island Moments brought back some great memories. Those of us raised on the islands enjoy seeing locals make good. Dean's talent, Rell's passion, Tia's compassion, Willie K's diversity and Emme's Island Moments bring it all home. Mahalo for your hard work. Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors.
Aloha pumehana, Tsarkie

Aloha Emme ...long time no see!
  Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed tonight's show -- it just doesn't seem possible that those segments were first filmed more than 10 years ago!
  Things at 7-Eleven are in many ways the same as always and in other ways very different ... hopefully, we are on the way to an economic recovery!
  Take care and keep up the great work!


Hi Emme,
  I just had to tell you how much we enjoyed your documentary on Gov. Burns. I watched it with my mom and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. You did an outstanding job (as always!). It was interesting, inspiring and touching. It is easy to understand how Jim turned out to be the man that he is, with such wonderful parents. Congratulations to you both.
Much aloha, Ginny

Hi Emme -
  I just finished watching your documentary on John Burns. It brought some fond memories to the days I was growing up.
  Thank you for bringing this great story to the people of Hawaii. I hope people will have a better appreciation to the significance of Statehood.
Aloha, Donna Tomita, Castle & Cooke

Hi Emme --
  Great job. I watched the show last night and my Dad watched this morning. He really enjoyed it and so did I. You were right. Our PBS Hawaii spot looked great in that environment.
  It's wonderful you did this for all of us and especially Jim.
Linda Brock, PBS Hawaii

Thoroughly enjoyed the hour, Emme...thanks very much for the heads up and the look-back at a most pivotal era in Hawaii's modern development. Mr. Burns was governor when I was at UH Manoa, so the program had special meaning. Also, I believe he was a strong proponent when Leonard Freeman was considering bringing Five-0 to Honolulu.
Aloha, Jerry Pickard

Judge and Emme -
  Great great show last night. You should be very proud. I have heard many stories about how we came to be what we are, but none as interesting and compelling as last evening.
  Judge, you should be very proud that your father (who unfortunately I never met) was truly visionary. For those of us who are non-white, we owe your Dad a tremendous gratitude for creating a level playing field unlike anywhere else. His master plan landscape has allowed opportunities for everyone. My tenure at WCC would not otherwise have been possible. Lucky come Waialae. Lucky we had John A. Burns.
  I enjoyed the pictures of you in the background in various outfits manning your mother's wheelchair.
Allan Lum, Waialae Country Club

Good Morning, Emme!
  I was going to call or e-mail you and luckily I didn’t have a chance to get to it. Dayton just left my office. He asked that I send you an e-mail to let you know how terrific the broadcast was last night. The word terrific barely describes the emotion we felt.
  Dayton wants you to know that the UPW is proud to be a co-sponsor and to be connected to this very special event. We were immensely impressed by the story of your late father in law’s life and his incredible vision. We were spell bound by this visionary man.
  You and Jim were awesome. Your voices and the way you both presented yourselves on camera made us feel personally connected to our late Governor Burns and his family.
  Jim’s mother, besides being a beauty, was truly a remarkable woman. Like her husband, she had strength and courage. They willed Jim, the miracle baby, into this world. Look at the gift of Jim, what they gave us and how much he has risen to greatness. Imagine all his parents endured before his birth. You and Jim complement each other so well. You were meant to be a Burns.
  Our staff who had the opportunity to watch last night’s broadcast were also at a loss for words as they commented on how good it was.
  We’re proud of our commercial. Each time the spot played or we showed up on the billboard there was a sense of deep pride.
  Thank you for including us in this wonderful event.
  As Dayton would say, Me ke aloha pumehana!
Diann Berndt, United Public Workers

  Congratulations. Great show. I really enjoyed the program, and you should be very proud.
Andy Winer, Hawaii For Obama

Hi Emme,
The show was fantastic and so insightful, John Burns was such a visionary! Even my sister and mom watched the whole program...which is saying a lot. Of course, my sister is the same one that stood in the incredible long line to vote for Obama during the caucus elections last year! Thanks for the film, we'll cherish it.
Patty Tam, Halekulani Hotel, Vice President, Halekulani Corporation

Dear Chief Judge Seishiro Burns,
  Thank you so much for sharing such an overwhelming story with us! Now I know that "Seishiro" is a name of that miracle baby :-) !
  It is a great documentary on the legacy and memoir of Governor Burns. I was moved to tears to learn about his superb courage, passion, perseverance, persistence, leadership, stewardship, and humanitarianism. Governor Burns is also a wonderful son, husband, and father devoting himself to his family.
  I am not a politic savvy, but I respect a statesman who puts a high priority to promote and support education, since education is the future of the country and society. Also, I think this documentary should turn to a movie
by adding more episodes.
  Thanks very much again for broadcasting a documentary of honorable Governor Burns! This is a delightful tribute to the centennial birth of Governor Burns. Governor Burns must be so proud of his miracle son :-) !
Mahalo nui loa,
Keiko Okuhara, Bibliographic Services/Systems Librarian William S. Richardson School of Law Library

Hi, Emme,
  I watched the show last night and was moved in many ways. First of all it was classy the way you updated it with Jim's comments. It made the previous production come alive even more, with even more emotion. And, your own appearances struck just the right note of detached narrator and observer with a personal connection.
  In addition, it was a great history lesson for me, filling in many blanks about Hawaii's road to statehood. Fascinating. I was living here for the later part of it, when Burns was governor, but certainly not aware of what was really going on in the halls of power back then. Interesting note: Was that Tom Coffman in some of the earlier
narrative -- he appeared on the left part of the screen? When I lived here then, I worked with him on a couple of projects as a photographer. One was the re-election campaign of Dennis O'Connor.
  I was also moved by the story of this man and his family. A classic story of tragedy, overcoming great challenges, redemption and high achievement. Wow! It can serve to inspire anyone who is searching for their right place and purpose in life. Jack Burns was quite a man -- and Bea a force in her own right -- and I can see how proud Jim is to
represent them and the whole family. I can imagine you are proud as well.
  Bravo to you and to Jim!
Aloha, Neil Tepper

Hi Emme:
  Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Jack Burns tribute again. Hope you're successful in getting it into schools, as teachers and kids tend to have short institutional memories.
  Best to you and Jim.
Aloha, Don Robbs

Just a line to say how much I appreciated being alerted to the JAB encores. Experienced "chicken skin" to see so many familiar faces from yesteryear again. Mahalo nui loa.
Edward Greaney

Aloha Emme,
  Thank you so much for asking us over to your home to watch your program on Gov. Burns. We would have enjoyed watching it in our living room, but it was much more fun over at your place and in your company. We truly meant it when we said that we liked how you put the show together and admire that you were able to consolidate so much information into 51 minutes. The content was good, bad and ugly (good=the miracle baby; bad=John's alcoholism; ugly=Jim's grandfather deserting his family), an honest piece, not fluff. Again, the choice of commercial sponsorship fit in perfectly with the show. They were at such a pace and level that they segued, rather than distracted from the presentation. We thought it was a good hour, all around.
Kalena Hayden

The fact that this program is ten years old and still feels brand new is a tribute to the production staff and the quality of the interviewees. It definitely stands the test of time and should be standard viewing in the schools, and by any newcomer to Hawaii who truly wishes to understand these islands and its people.
Lynne Waters

I enjoyed viewing the documentary last night….a ton of history.
Mahalo, John Howell - Easter Seals Hawai’i

  I watched your program featuring your father in-law last night and was well educated about Gov. John A Burns who endured so much trials and literally wanted to keep the common person involved in the process of the politics. He is so local. I could hear it in his voice. Please remind Jim that he and I have our birthday's in common. So we are literally brothers on that date. He the elder and I the younger. What a miracle he is and how fortunate you are to be a part of his life which makes that in its self a miracle too.
Eric Keawe

  It's an important piece of Hawaii's history that needed to be told and documented for future generations. How one man help to change the political landscape to benefit all who lived here was a major turning point of Hawaii's history. And his stewardship for statehood was nothing short of incredible. As people say he was the right man at the right time to get the job done.
  Seeing photos of people like John Lanham with Governor Burns brought back memories of my father. He was a good friend and strong supporter for Mr. Lanham when he ran for office as our state representative.
  This Burns documentary is well written and produced and should be accessible to students of Hawaii's history.
Dan Nakasone

Hi Emme,
  Just to let you know…I loved the program last night…very classy…informative and sincere. You looked great in that blue outfit and I liked your make-up… Terrific Job!
Aloha, Jason Kina

  Nice to hear that the project is successful! I've seen the show and it was very well presented! I enjoyed it.
Mahalo, Alice Busmente, Fil Am Courier

Hi Emme, caught your John Burns doc, nice nice nice. I learned a lot and I learned a lot about this important man to our state. I had read Tom Coffman's book while in college and remember being struck by his life then. Congrats for having more exposure for his legacy.
Stephanie Castillo, Filmmaker

Hi Emme,
The DVD about Gov John Burns was very nice to watch and brought back many memories for me. I remember the first time I met John Burns at a ground breaking ceremony in Honolulu and I had taken some photographs. I sent him copies and that’s how the correspondence started between us and continued with Beatrice after John died. This will be something to keep as a island treasure.
Mahalo nui loa, Dolores Treffeisen (Auntie Clic Clic)

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