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Viewer Comments - 2008


Merry Christmas to All,
Thank you all for sending this link and allowing us to spend some "Hawaiian Christmas" cheer with our "Ohana" here in Kuwait/Iraq. I am truly thankful for the time you all spent to have my greeting aired and allowing my family there in Hawaii to see it. I cannot begin to express my gratitude. This is truly a wonderful Christmas present. May the Lord bless you and your families during this holiday season and throughout the rest of the New Year. God bless you all and take care.
Very respectfully, CPT Albert K. Ne III, Camp Arifjan-Kuwait

Merry Christmas from Kuwait I am Staff Sergeant Michael Keopuhiwa I just saw Emme’s Christmas special. That was a great show. I would like to thank you for your support. That was really good to see being away from home during the holidays. That is what makes it worth being here to know everybody back home is thinking and supporting all of us troops here and away from family and friends and most of all away from the islands. There is no place like Hawaii. Thank you and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Very respectfully, SSG Michael Keopuhiwa, Camp Arifjan-Kuwait

How awesome!
I just sat and watched the show! It was so wonderful to see things that are familiar! Thank you so much for making this possible – I will forward to our troops here in Kuwait! Let me know if you need anything from us – hope that your Christmas was wonderful. I can’t wait to be home!
MAJ Pam Ellison, Camp Arifjan-Kuwait

Joanne -
I just wanted to personally thank you and tell you how much it meant to me to be able to sit and watch a bit of home today, Christmas Day, of all days! It warmed my heart and put some Aloha back in my spirit! I hope that your day has been a special one and I will continue to work with you and Emme to put together a story to highlight this success. To your staff who worked so tirelessly to make this happen - A great big MAHALO!
Thanks again!
MAJ Pam Ellison, Camp Arifjan-Kuwait

You gave my mom the greatest gift this season by placing my greeting on your show. Mahalo from the bottom of my heart. Aloha from Kuwait.
CW2 Janell Coyaso, Camp Arifjan-Kuwait

Aloha Emme –
As always I enjoyed your Christmas special.....so many years of fond memories. I'm sure the decision to decide which clip would be aired was a difficult task. You have made great choices with this evening's show. Again, thank you for doing a great job on your Christmas special and looking forward to future "Emme's Specials."
A Hui Hou.... see you in 2009
Renee Gamiao

Dear KHON,
I just watched Emme's Christmas program and thought it was fantastic! One of the best I've seen in a while. You should gift a copy to Barack Obama as I believe it would truly strengthen his Island roots. He would appreciate all that we share here. Have a Merry Christmas.
Mahalo, Ruth Hoover

Hi Emme,
Just wanted to share with you my fondest Aloha. I just watched with awe and pride your Christmas Show. I admit, it brought a few tears. As I watched the segment with Dick Jensen, it brought back tearful moments I shared with him in his last few days. As you may know, I was with him when he passed. He was one of my best friends, and mentor. In fact, you may not know this, he married my wife Bobbe and I in 1998. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary on 12/20, the day your show aired. So this was very special to us.

The segment with Genoa Keawe brought back similar memories and tearful moments. I used to live by Genoa in Kaneohe and became good friends with the family. I see Gary Aiko almost every Saturday that I work at the Elks Club. I always ask him to sing for the crowd. He is always gracious. I spent many visits in their home.

The segments with Raiatea Helm were also wonderful. I knew her Dad as well, as I used to visit Molokai on a regular basis, mostly to visit my cousin Augie Colon.

Mahalo, for bringing back so many fond memories. I always love and appreciate your shows. They not only are entertaining, but have a purpose. My daughter Tahiti and I watched it together.
Mahalo nui loa,
Augie Rey | Augie Rey Entertainment, inc.   "Music to make your ears smile" | Aloha Ke Akua

As always, your specials are very special!! You hit it on the head too - Willie K's performance was the best - June and I were so lucky to have been at that Christmas performance and heard him do it live!!
Happy Holidays!

Hi Emme
Did I? (See the tv show?)  Yes, yes, yes and so did people at my church, the store, the bank all loving them some EMME. They all like the show and each one had their favorite.

What a pleasure to see myself and Tennyson with a picture of the President of the United States. A WOW MOMENT! Sometimes I still can't believe it! I always appreciate all you do all the time.
Smooches, Azure McCall

A MOMENT OF THANKS (aired November 2008)

Did get to see the Thanksgiving Special, congrats to Emme and your team. Was an interesting show, very well paced and edited! Thanks for thinking of me for your production needs.
Happy Holidays, Mike May, Cameraman, Mike May Media Services

Congratulations, Emme on your latest coup! Your Thanksgiving special proved once again how fortunate Hawai'i is to have someone as multi-talented and professional as you to introduce our Island personalities and tell our special stories. Experiencing Manila through your eyes was also a real treat. Keep up the great work. I'm telling everyone to watch for the re-runs.
Faye Kennedy, President, Hawai'i Women's Political Caucus (HWPC)/
Co-Chair, Hawai'i Friends of Civil Rights (HFCR)-with Amy Agbayani

Watched your show—thought it was great!
Pastor Roland Nono

Hi EmmeTerrific show and am sure that folks at Hawaiian Air were very pleased. You know, with all my trips to the Phils, I have never been to Divisoria, and am not even certain how it is spelled. Wow, you were brave eating from the street side vendors. The singing restaurant was a gas, what a great experience that was and it makes me wish that some of our local Filipino restaurants had the same kind of charisma, charm, and a genuine desire to please their customers.
Eli Beniga

Emme, Emme, Emme…
If I may say so, I thought that was one of your best shows yet. You are SOOOOOO good at making average moments special! You turned a trip to Manila into a magic carpet ride; presented Sharon Cuneta as an appealing person to those who don’t know her; showed another wonderful side of Loretta that none of us had ever seen…and presented me in a warm loving way that I’ve never been afforded until you. Embracing my family and friends with your “camera’s eye” presented the Jimmy Borges that lives inside of me. I thank you profoundly and I’m always proud to be a part of your team when asked. You are simply the best!
Hugs of Aloha…
Jimmy Borges

Hi Emme,
Great Thanksgiving show----enjoyed the Manila trip segment; noticed Bennette was also on the the trip----you all had a fun time! Makati looks like my kind of place, so ultra modern! And amazing Jimmy Borges---he looks good at 73!
Mary Miyaguchi

Aloha Emme,
I hoped your Thanksgiving was filled with good food and company. Last night, Debbie and I enjoyed your show, "A Moment of Thanks". It was fun to "sightsee" the sites, as you took the show from Manila to New York and finally back to Hawaii. You did a fantastic job and please keep us posted with any other upcoming shows.
Diane Ko

Hi Emme--
I was just sending you an email. Your Island Moments was fantastic!! I enjoyed the variety.
The Phillipines and HA Aair was great! I'm not familiar with Sharon, but she was wonderful also.
I enjoyed the coverage in New York of Loretta. The coverage of Jimmy was fantastic.
I was happy to see Chef Alan from Le Bistro. We really like him and his wife Debbie.
I think he has the best food that I like besides Alan & Roy.
Raynette Kaspar

CHEFS DU JOUR (aired September 2008)

Awesome Emme!
Caught the ending of your Chefs Du Jour - and looking forward to the repeat on Saturday.You're incredible! As farmers and people who LOVE to eat and drink fine wine - thank you for telling the story from farm to table.
Candy Suiso, Program Director, Waianae High School - Searider Productions

Glad you liked the story. Great job with the show. Looks like fun.
I once aspired to do the restaurant beat. It's a good thing I don't cover the food beat as I'd be fat eating too much. Sometimes, I do wish I did cover the food beat so I could eat the yummy stuff.
Linda Dela Cruz, Website editor and senior writer, MidWeek

Thank you! It was great to listen to, and I also got a lot of positive feed back about that show.
It’s always a pleasure working with Emme.
Mahalo, Francine Kananionapua Murray, Broadcast/Media Coordinator, Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Congratulations on a fab program--and you looked so good too Emme!
Melvin Sakurai, Vice President, Director of Strategic Development, AIG Hawaii Insurance Company, Inc.

Hi Emme—
The show looked great! You and Joanne did a wonderful job; was there any doubt?! It was really edited well, and had a logical flow to it. You amazingly captured everything and fulfilled a number of agendas (ESH, Weinberg, DOA, the chefs, farmers, et al…), even the cameo interviews; how ‘PC’ of you! I’m sure your sponsors were happy, too. I still never tire of watching the HRC Reunion Island Moments, and now this one. Jim’s segment on his mom was really touching, too.

I also caught the TV promos on the Travel Channel following Anthony Bourdain, great positioning to draw in the foodies.
Leigh Ito, Project Manager, AWR Holdings, LLC

Good morning, everyone, and congratulations on Emme’s Island Moments last night. All feedback thus far is very positive. Well done! Mahalo!
Kathy Harper, Director of Development, Easter Seals Hawai’i

The show was super darned good! Emme always does a great job.
Norma Badoyen, Maui

I enjoyed the segment very much. Is there a chance to get a DVD copy of it?
Mahalo, Lani Medina Weigert, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Ali`i Kula Lavender

(aired March 2008)

Hi Emme,
I wanted to thank you for making that video of the late Genoa Keawe my grandma. When I got the Video, I held a Cocktail Party and DVD viewing of the video for about 200 Ex-Hawaii Islanders at Café Asia in Arlington, VA. They came from Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, New York, Connecticut and North Carolina. Several Capitol Hill Staffers helped me get the word out, so those who wanted to see Genao Keawe Funeral Services, or to spend one last time with her could. I initially thought I would only have about 100 people max, but I was surprised how many people she had touched over the years. So many people asked about the video, so I directed them to you.
Thank you Emme for what you did to honor my Grandma.
Mahalo, Sid Kahoonei

Hi Emme!
Congratulations on your latest production --- I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and was glad I remembered to watch. The interviews were well done and moving --- saw a side of people that I'm sure only you could bring out. Thanks for including the Waianae students' work too --- it was impressive.
Cheers, Judy Nagasako, Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation

It was just simply an awesome, very, very special show, Emme...mahalo plenty for it.
Aloha, Jerry Pickard

Aloha Emme,
Wow, you look great in the salmon coloured dress you had on in the opening segment! I loved the show! It sure was fun to recall the fake April Fools Day Parade. I miss the Perry & Price Morning Show! Raiatea and Auntie Genoa’s segments were very touching! You are awesome Emme!
Aloha, Stephen Waldmann, Sheraton Keauhou

Emme, you looked terrific in the program last night. Awesome chicken skin moment when Aunty Genoa sang "Embraceable You" for you--most appropriate too, if you don't mind my saying.
Congratulations, Melvin Sakurai, Ph.D., AIG Hawaii, Vice President

Aloha Emme...Your "Island Icons" was absolutely one of your BEST!!! Mahalo for such wonderful entertainment.
Dr. Shay Bentliff

Hi Emme ...
I enjoyed your 'Island Moments' program featuring our beloved Aunty Genoa Keawe. Watching Aunty on television brought back such memories for me. Although I enjoyed dancing the hula at wedding receptions and baby parties when Aunty sang, my most special memories are of the time I spent with Aunty in the Temple in La'ie. I am blessed to have been able to be in the company of such a beautiful and loving woman.
Lei-Ann Stender-Durant

Emme, just a short note to say thank you for such a wonderfully moving tribute to Aunty Genoa.
Respectfully, John Cruz

Hi Emme,
I was teary-eyed watching your piece on Hawaii's Aunty, Genoa Keawe. Straight to the heart.
Dan Nakasone

Aloha Emme,
We love hearing from you and what's coming up on your shows. I really enjoyed this last one. It was so touching to see the family of Aunty Genoa Keawe come together and remember her. I got teary eyed when her granddaughter and also when Raiatea talked about her. I even got a little misty with Perry and Price when Larry started to cry. I thought about Ke'ala and myself (this July we make 9 years). We're rookies compared to them but, we plan to out do the wonderful pair eventually. Their chemistry is obvious, and like Ke'ala and I, we always agree. We get along too well some people say. We try to argue on the air and we still end up agreeing.

Keep up the good job and quality in your shows which we enjoy so much. Let us know when the next one airs!
Love, Kat, KWXX

Congrats on your last show! as always, a job well done!
Aloha, Heather Juniroa

Emme and your team did such a GREAT JOB....as always! Congratulations on another Island Moments Success!
Pomaikai Lyman, Granddaughter of Aunty Genoa Keawe

Dear Emme,
Enjoyed your “Island Icon” show – tribute to Larry Price & Michael Perry as well as Aunty Genoa Keawe. You always do such a great job.
Gael Mustapha

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